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Who We Are

We are a Hair Organization Pursuing & Providing Education.  

Our organization is dedicated to keeping up with the very latest in research and technology so that we can deliver the best & most accurate information all types of hair loss & the therapies to help.

We use a Low Level Laser Therapy device with our program which we have had a 98% success rate at stabilizing hair loss with. Laser is a pain-free, holistic method to stimulate blood flow which increases hair growth in as little as 90 days.

Laser has also been proven to be safe & effective for treating cancer patients with chemotherapy induced hair loss. Male & female hair loss due to genetics or Autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, Graves & Thyroid disorders also see great results with our program. 

We believe at HOPE Hair Recovery that if our patients are educated on their specific area of hair loss & the treatment options available to them to maximize their success, that it will give them back control over their hair loss issues.

We provide you with support, education, the latest in technology & products so that you have the best success with your hair recovery.

About Us

We're Here for You

Our team is personally invested in the Hair Recovery program and industry because we have lost our hair too. Each one of our team members has a story of triumph over tradedgy and are on the front lines to help others just like yourself, who are suffering from different forms of hair loss.

Enhancement Expertise

Our experienced team set the highest standards in the Hair Recovery Industry and we aim to exceed our patient’s expectations.  

We will conduct a thorough consultation including Microscopic & Digital images & follow-up with you for 1 year to track your progress.  We offer a personalized service that is second to none. 

We explain your options and make suggestions to ensure that you are comfortable with your  customized enhancement plan.  

Specialists Who Care

We believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and unique in their own way and we also understand that most people have insecurities that can hold them back in their life. Our purpose is to enhance your natural beauty and to give you the confidence that you need and deserve. 



Come in and have a personal one-on-one consultation with Jennifer McCowan, an 

Affiliate of National Hair Loss Association

She has been Certified in Alopecia Classifications and Hair Treatments.  

She can diagnose your specific type of hair loss and customize a plan suitable to your exact needs.


HOPE Hair Recovery Programs

Our hair recovery program has 4 different options for you to choose from, depending on your budget. 

 Our Premium service comes with 1 year of follow-up with photos: Initial Digital & Microscopic Photos, 90 Day Digital & Microscopic Photos & 1 year Digitals. Also included with each visit: a complimentary scalp massage, hair & scalp treatment, styling.  

To ensure your at-home treatment, one set of complimentary hair products will be sent home with you as well.

Image Professional Services

The key to maintaining a professional appearance is maintaining the hair that you DO have

Jennifer has been a hairdresser for 22 years, is a Master Cut & Color Artist and has educated for several companies.  She can teach you techniques to style your hair to conceal the areas of concern.

Like lots of us who have struggled with 'hard to manage' hair, Jennifer has the knowledge to help & guide you on ways to make you feel & look your best.

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Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have. We can assist in hair growth and we are the first program of its kind for hair loss in Saskatoon.

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HOPE Hair Recovery Services

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a wife, mother of 2 and has had a life long love affair with hair. 

When she was 36 years old, 5 weeks after having a baby boy, Jennifer's father was killed in a car accident. The emotional trauma of that incident combined with the physical trauma she went through with her delivery, postpartum exhaustion and a precious 2.5 year old, Jennifer began to lose her hair. 

What began as the scariest and most difficult time of her life turned into the most rewarding career that Jennifer could imagine.  

Her own journey of hair loss and desperately seeking something that would help her has lead her to where she can offer a service that has a 98% success rate. A hair recovery program that is guaranteed to stabilize the hair fallout and in some cases increase the amount of hair as well.  A program that is so successful it is used in Scottsdale & Beverly Hills.

Jennifer empathizes, encourages & educates each of her patients. 

She uses the utmost discretion and holds your privacy and concerns close to her.  

Jennifer's office is private for your comfort & confidentiality.